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Volvo could expand its range with larger and smaller SUVs

If rumours can be believed, the massive XC100 could finally happen.

Volvo could be planning even more SUV models, based on the success of its utility vehicles around the world — specifically, it may look to fill its lineup with trucks both larger and smaller than anything in its range today.

“We are not excluding the idea of additions” to the company’s SUV range, CEO Hakkan Samuelsson said in talks with Auto Express, before adding that when it comes to Volvo’s crossovers, pundits “should not exclude the idea that there might be a bigger one, but maybe also a smaller one.”

According to a story from Swedish outlet Teknikens Varld, the Swedish brand has known it’s needed a vehicle larger than the XC90 to compete with other brands’ offerings since 2002, but a lack of funds from former parent company Ford stalled development.

However, since Volvo was bought by Geely in 2010, the brand has reopened the idea of creating an “XC100” based on the SPA 2 archicecture, internally called “Project V616.”

(When broken down, the codename reveals the project is part of class ‘6’, for Volvo’s largest cars; ‘1’ for a first-generation model; and another ‘6’ to denote an SUV.)

The same Swedish outlet says the XC100 will arrive in 2022 or 2023; that it will be five inches longer in wheelbase than the current XC90; and that it will sit an inch taller.

The new Volvo XC40

As for the SUV smaller than the XC40? It hasn’t been totally fleshed out yet, but it’s possible it will borrow technology from Geely, and might only be leased, not sold. It will also likely feature an electric powertrain, as the XC40 is already rumoured to receive one.