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Withdrawal of bonus funds at online casinos

One of the most common questions from newbies concerns the wagering of the bonus received in the gambling establishment, with its subsequent withdrawal to the wallet. By reading this article, you will learn how free bonuses are wagered and what it takes to cash out. If you want more information about popular casinos like allslots canada, you need to work with

How to win back a bonus and what is the wagering for?

What we’re going to tell you about applies to absolutely any kind of bonus, not just the one awarded for registration. Each of them can be converted into real money after they have been wagered according to the prescribed rules. This is called compliance with the wagering conditions, which regulate the amount spent during wagering. Any bonus must be scrolled a certain number of times with real money, after which it will be considered wagered.

Examples of wagering at online casinos

Suppose, with a received bonus of $100 vager will be 40. Withdrawal of funds becomes possible after the made bets, the total amount of which is equal to $4000. Another example: A player receives a no deposit bonus of $1000, he will have to scroll through the machines 70,000 because, according to the casino, the vager in this case has a value of 70. After that, the withdrawal of funds to the wallet will be available.

The player who did not meet the mandatory conditions allowing to withdraw the bonus, should not create a new account, as such attempts to cheat the casino are closely monitored. It is not recommended to try to win back bonus funds with the help of table games, as it is practically impossible. In the case of roulette, poker, etc., the wagering amount is only 10%, regardless of the size of the bet. As a rule, slot machines provide the most realistic opportunity to win back bonuses. Pay attention to the fact that most online casinos require registered users to confirm their identity by providing scans of documents.

How to win back your bonus? Useful tips

  1. The desire to transfer virtual funds into real money as quickly as possible often makes players go for different tricks. However, the bonus withdrawal is possible only with the strict observance of the rules of the gambling establishment.
  2. Choosing this or that bonus must be carefully read the terms and conditions of its provision to the player to know how to act in the future.
  3. Some games may be temporarily imposed restrictions that do not allow the wagering of bonus funds. Learn about the action of such measures can be contacting the technical support.
  4. Experienced visitors of the casino advise to choose games that give more points, as with additional points successful wagering requires much less time.
  5. When choosing a strategy, keep in mind that wagering bonus funds is only possible within the time period provided. For new visitors to the casino is a good way to try your strength will be a welcome bonus.
  6. The most favorable conditions are offered at the maximum increase in the size of the deposit. Therefore, to obtain significant gains are recommended to adhere to the upper bar of the allowable amount.
  7. Proceed to the game is desirable immediately after receiving the bonus.

So if you want to get access to canadian online slots, you will first need to use to search for a casino. You should also carefully study the wagering conditions, because in the end you will have to look for a casino that can offer the most favorable conditions.