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What you didn’t know about outdoor advertising

Advertising is everywhere, every day each of us is faced with home, street, transport and work advertising. On this website, you can even order specialized signs that can be used for people with sight problems This of course does not always concern advertising, but it speaks directly about the capabilities of modern companies in this area. But there are some facts that you probably didn’t know about. What is important to remember before you order outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising changes the behavior of mobile device owners. Recent research has shown that, in most cases, after being interested in outdoor advertising, mobile device users look for detailed information about a product, service or brand on the web, as well as the opinions of friends and colleagues on social networks. Separately, it should be noted that after contact with outdoor advertising to continue to get acquainted with the advertised product the audience aged 18 to 45 years.

Non-standard outdoor advertising attracts attention. As it was found during the study, non-standard outdoor advertising attracts attention, this is now no one doubts. In the course of the experiment, young people were shown a small amount of advertising, but they remembered stories that were “out of the ordinary” or the content had a non-standard form. From all this we can assume that the more non-standard approach is used, the more effective the advertising is.

Mistakes in advertising cause interest. Observations have shown that errors and misprints in the text attract an audience, the main thing – thinking audience. These are the conclusions that are asked after the American marketers analyzed advertising campaigns of many popular brands and the study found that the phonetic features of certain words, similarity of words and their spelling help to promote brands aimed at young people, so that such advertising is better remembered, and advertising images in the minds of more realistic. Now, when planning to advertise and order outdoor advertising, remember that a non-standard approach can significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

The main aspects in the production of outdoor advertising

Such elements of outdoor advertising as a sign is without exaggeration the face of the company, there is no doubt about it. Most marketers and advertisers note the importance of the first impression on each potential client – it may depend on their future behavior and loyalty to your brand. Outdoor advertising and signage in particular help to present the company: the scope of activities, financial situation and even the philosophy of the company, which is why the signs today belong to one of the most effective and popular types of advertising.

Modern signboards are made of completely different materials, but most often from the metal frame and plastic, film, banner cloth, etc., if the sign light – with neon. Signboards today are no longer standard, more and more often the customer wants to see some unique and interesting design that will attract attention. Many companies do not just order the production of signs, but even the creation of entire entrance groups, including design in a single style of canopy and facade. 

Where and how can I order the signage? All companies which specialisation is the outdoor advertising, manufacturing of signboards offer necessarily. However, to choose the contractor for performance of such works it is necessary, proceeding from quantity of successfully realised projects, presence of capacities, qualification of the personnel, the relation to customers. Good signage creates a company, the site where you can make an order.