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Rules of using dating sites

More and more girls find their love on the Internet. The modern pace of life dictates its conditions. After a busy day at work you want to sit at home for a cup of hot chocolate or relax in a coffee shop with girlfriends. But to go to a club and shine there, flirting with admirers, is no longer enough strength. And then, what can you learn about a man for a couple of dances? The maximum is to make sure that you have musical ears and notice the color of your eyes. So this is not the best way to find a man who wants to meet local women.

But modern technologies give us the opportunity to choose the other half, taking into account common interests, profession and even taste preferences. You can find your destiny on the Internet quickly and comfortably. However, if you do not follow basic safety rules, instead of fate will have adventures and not always enjoyable.

What are the best rules to follow?

  • Anonymity. The more information about you will be provided in the global network, the more chances to become a victim of fraud. You should never specify your home address or last name. The name and the city will suffice. Openness and honesty are good in private conversation, not in a questionnaire that millions (without exaggeration) of people look through.
  • The second rule in the continuation of the first is the question with the photo. Here the danger is not so much in swindlers as in relatives and friends. Are you sure you want your boss to know about your preferences? On the other hand, without a photo chances to get acquainted with someone rapidly fall. So what to do? It’s very simple. You need to take a few photos with unusual makeup and hairstyle, or those where the face will be a little in the shade and the figure – in the light. If anything, you can always justify that the girl is just “very similar” to you. In any case, you can find single men near me and other categories on the dating site.
  • Do not place hints of your great affluence in the questionnaire, or be photographed while driving a new car. A short “without material problems” on the one hand will not alert normal people, and on the other hand will not attract albums and other fans of other people’s money.
  • Try not to set the goal of acquaintance “only sex,” even if you really need only sex. With this statement in the questionnaire it is very easy to attract perverts, mentally ill people and various funny personalities. In the end, you will always have time to decide whether to grow your relationship into something serious or stay at the level of meetings. Is it worth saying that choosing “just correspondence” as a goal of acquaintance is also quite senseless.
  • Most dating sites are free. Therefore, if you are offered to “send an SMS” or pay for the services of the site in any other way, it is better to choose another site, especially since there are thousands of them, both English speaking and any other. By the way, all social networks are also convenient dating sites.
  • Be careful. If you received a message from a virtual fan, first of all, look through his profile. If there is his name and surname in your profile, type them in the search engine, look at the links, compare and analyze the information.
  • Never click on unfamiliar links in messages – it can easily be a virus.
  • If a virtual dialog goes to the pleasure of both sides, it is quite possible that the meeting is “in real life”. In no case, do not make an appointment at home or at his house. The first date should follow all the rules – in a cafe, at a movie or in some other crowded place.
  • At the first meeting in real life it is most reasonable to agree on a bright thing in your hands – a magazine, a beret, a silk scarf. This will give you the opportunity to see the person invisibly.