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Professional legal services – what is it?

After seeing the title of the article, many of you will probably think: is the provision of legal services may not be professional? They are provided by a lawyer who has the appropriate education, work experience, at least not a lot. But we are in a hurry to assure you that non-professionals still have to be wary. Today legal services are provided not only by experienced lawyers and attorneys, but also people with legal education, without work experience and the right to represent Your interests in courts. Their activities can actually be equated to business, but it is difficult to call it professional. 

As a rule, such lawyers offer services in the execution and submission of certain documents on Your behalf, drafting various applications and contracts. Such actions, in fact, can perform any person, even without appropriate education. Quite a different question: whether You will be satisfied with the contract, drawn up on the basis of a template downloaded from the Internet or You need to take into account all possible risks and force majeure; whether You actually satisfied with the usual courier work instead of official representation and protection of Your interests; you need a secretary with superficial knowledge of the law or still a professional private lawyer? If you want to avoid mistakes, you should first use an employment lawyer free consultation. You should also study this article.

Providing legal services by a professional lawyer: how not to make the wrong choice? 

Naturally, the professionalism of a particular lawyer is checked in the case, but there are several criteria that can be assessed by You even before the conclusion of the contract with a specialist in the provision of legal services. Get acquainted with them and be vigilant. 

  1. A professional lawyer is a specialist with a higher legal education and work experience in the field of law (in addition to the legal experience is very welcome experience in various state and law enforcement agencies – this allows you to look at any situation from different angles, anticipating the next step of the opponent). An advocate must necessarily have a certificate of the right to engage in advocacy activities, as well as his office. 
  2. The experience of a lawyer is not calculated as years of work (although this criterion is also very important), and the effectiveness. In our time it is not difficult to make a reference to the work of a specialist – at least through the Internet. 
  3. A professional lawyer never starts a conversation with the client with the discussion of fees. First, he will ask about the details of the problem that led you to him. 
  4. You may think it is funny, but the appearance of a real professional is also radically different from others. A good lawyer always has a decent fee and looks dignified, without ripped jeans, T-shirts with inscriptions and sneakers. 
  5. A professional lawyer will always offer You to conclude an official contract for the provision of legal services, giving You a guarantee of its responsibility for the results of work.

Unfortunately, many mistakenly believe that a good New York City race discrimination lawyer is the privilege of rich people. But quality legal services – it is not always a check with a large number of zeros. A really good specialist always gets a fair fee for the work done, without extra charges and unforeseen additions. Of course, the amount of payment for professional legal services will not be low, but it will be fully proportional to the task performed and, most importantly, fair.