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Modern store signage

In advertising of shops, in filling of points of sale the big role is played by signboards. Shop signboards are an advertising structure that carries information about goods and services, the company name, official logo and address. Shop signage is probably the most common type of outdoor advertising. You can order excellent signage from Fortuna Visual Group. Here professionals of high level work which can create for you an excellent signboard.

Signboards are usually located at the entrance to the store, thus indicating its location. Using the sign, people passing by get the original information about the kind of activity of the store. How competently and beautifully designed the signage is may depend on the passerby desire to enter or not enter the store. Often, the signs depict a product that is sold in the store or an object, a person associated with the consumption of this product.

The sign is inexpensive and one of the oldest types of advertising, this is a kind of business card shop. In addition to the information function of the sign carries and image, being in a certain sense the face of the store. The signs are part of the complex design shop any profile. A good signage should attract attention, inform potential customers about the store, influence them by creating sustainable images of brand, trademark.

In order for a shop sign to perform its tasks effectively, it must be well readable, visible, both in light and dark time. This is especially true for 24-hour shops and those located in a darkened area. However, there are many different nuances that you should pay attention to when choosing a sign for your store. If you are not sure if you can make the right decision in the end, it is better to entrust it to professionals. There are many excellent companies that can create for you a first-class sign.

Making shop signs

Signboards are made of a variety of materials: composite aluminum, stainless steel with decorative coating, brass, acrylic, satin, etc. Due to the fact that street shop signs are constantly under the influence of such external factors as sunlight, rainfall, temperature changes, in the manufacture of signs, special attention is paid to the quality of materials used.

Types of shop signage

By types of shop signs are divided into light and non-light. In light sign boards, which will be visible in the light and in the dark, use both internal and external lighting. Also neon can be added. Signs with neon lighting have a very long life.

More and more use is made of shop LED signs. Such illumination is more durable, it is distinguished by high energy saving, as well as unique light-dynamic effects and high brightness. Light shop signs in turn are divided into light boxes and volume signs.

Non-light signs are cheaper and less visible at night. Non-light shop signs are low cost and a variety of shapes and colors. They are unpretentious and practically do not require maintenance. Although it is difficult to say that they can really perform their task. The effectiveness of their work is most often limited to light time of day, so choosing such a sign you can simply lose some of the customers.

Shop signboards can be divided into facade and interior. Facade sign boards are placed on the facades of buildings and are designed to attract buyers and visitors to the store. Interior sign boards are placed inside the store, in the customer area or in the lobby. Usually interior sign boards have more refined design and sophisticated manufacturing technology. In the market there are many advertising agencies and companies that specialize in the manufacture of shop signs, as well as their post-warranty service, repair, restoration and restyling. On a site you can learn more about signboards.