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Cloud migration challenges

We are living in a dynamic world and can see changes almost every year. The modern business needs modern solutions. One of these solutions is migration to the cloud. There is the opinion that 83% of enterprise workload will migrate to the cloud by 2020. This is quite expected.

If you want to move to the cloud you surely want to avoid as many challenges as you can. Thus, we prepared for you a list of cloud migration challenges and ways to overcome them:

  1. Misunderstanding the key business goals.
  2. Relevant technology.
  3. Reliable MSP.
  4. Cloud data migration challenges.
  5. Transferring the legacy systems.
  6. Costs determination.

Let’s have a closer look at this list.

Challenges of moving to the cloud

  1. Misunderstanding the key business goals. The basic challenge is to discover the main features and functionality and focus on them. Missing the focus you could disperse attention on doing unnecessary tasks and project migration might fail.
  2. Relevant technology. In pursuit of updates, companies might miss the relevance. The business founder might want to implement the latest technology but the newest is not always the most efficient. Each company is unique and requires a custom solution. Thus, the best way to choose wisely is to ask your Managed Service Provider (MSP) or specialist who will implement cloud computing for your project. Experienced specialists will offer you the custom solution that will be relevant in your situation.
  3. Reliable MSP. As we said above, a reliable MSP is an important part of successfully moving to the cloud. An unscrupulous or inexperienced third-party IT services provider can spoil all the migration, miss some data, etc. It is crucial to find a reliable technology partner with wide expertise.
  4. Cloud data migration challenges. The common challenge with data is security and safety. While moving to the cloud you can lose your data, thus you need a detailed plan of its transferring. A lot of customers are worried about sensitive data. The common solution to save it is to make backups. In the cloud, safety is ensured by encryption. The customers often can’t choose the data type and method of storage and keep storing data on local hardware. This is an unsafe approach and it is better to keep project data in encrypted form in the cloud.
  5. Transferring the legacy systems. It is harder to move to the cloud from the old system. Usually, the MSP makes some preparation before migration. In these cases, the DevOps engineers often use the hybrid cloud strategy, moving some system components to the cloud and leaving some behind. It is very important to define quick and long-term solutions and build a strict strategy.
  6. Costs determination. The process of migration can vary in length and you should estimate your time and spendings. Some businesses can lose a lot of money if their project will stop for a minute, thus it’s very important to make an assessment before migration starts.

Final thoughts: is cloud migration is worthwhile for business?

Today we have described cloud migration problems and ways to avoid them. At first sight, moving to the cloud may seem terrifying but in reality, it will make your business prosper. It’s all about the right approach. You should find an experienced MSP and design a good strategy. 

Actually, a trustworthy MSP will get all the things done, so you shouldn’t be worried. All the challenges we are talking about are solvable with the right approach at the start. The good MSP will lead you through each step and you can be calm about your business, data and software.